Why Hydrogen ?

By propelling a vehicle that emits only water, hydrogen is THE solution of tomorrow to replace fossil energy, which is too polluting and depletes the resources of our planet. But it is also an extremely expensive technology that doubles the price of cars and will not really be available, at best, before 2030.

There are four major obstacles to its expansion:

  • Difficulty of access
  • Excessive cost
  • No charging network
  • Risks associated with the presence of a large quantity of highly flammable gas highly compressed in the tank

The solution:

TECH’NC starts with water and makes hydrogen on demand !

Hydrogen is produced at the moment, just the right amount per second … So no risks and no need for a distribution network since a little water is enough !

Is it a hydrogen engine ?

It’s a first step.

Although current research development does not yet allow us to move the whole car, two concrete applications are directly available today:

A stationary TECH’NC PRO application that allows you to clean any type of engine without even opening it.

An on-board application TECH’NC ON BOARD which, among other things, reduces your consumption by 3 to 10% and allows you to drive cleaner.

All this without touching the engine and therefore without altering the manufacturer’s warranty!

A technology of the future accessible to all, from today, and at an affordable price!

How does it work ?

Ever since engines have existed, their operation has caused an accumulation of dirt that inevitably leads to their stopping for long interventions, or even irremediable breakdowns.

In addition, new technologies developed by manufacturers (direct injection, gas recycling, installation of catalysts, etc…) generate new breakdowns also linked to engine fouling.

These breakdowns are costly because the interventions are long and complex and the hourly rates for mechanics and spare parts are out of reach …

Cleaning an engine without having to disassemble it then allows enormous savings in time, labour and money, all without altering the manufacturer’s warranty !

What are the advantages of a hydrogen treatment ?

The advantages are numerous!

Here are a few of them:

  • Quieter engine
  • Flexibility, torque and power return to original levels
  • Excessive smoke greatly reduced or even totally suppressed
  • Engine misfire suppression
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to restored torque
  • Less pollution
  • Better results at the technical inspection

Financial gains

Why is hydrogen treatment cheaper than dismantling an engine to clean it ?

All failures due to engine fouling are costly, as they are long and complex. 

In addition, the necessary equipment, the hourly rates of certified mechanics and the price of spare parts make the total amount of the intervention invoices simply frightening .

Therefore, cleaning a motor without having to disassemble it allows you to save time, labour and money, all without altering the manufacturer’s warranty !

Why am I going to consume less ?

A motor treated with TECH’NC technology produces considerable but above all immediate effects !

The internal cleaning of the engine which touches among others : valve seat, injector head, piston ring elasticity, DAF, catalytic converter, EGR valve, exhaust line… reduces friction and frees the engine which regains its original manufacturer’s characteristics…

Hence a direct and spectacular financial saving in fuel of 4 to 10%! (tested in the field under real conditions: schedules, routes and drivers not trained in green driving).

Are there other financial gains than reduced consumption ?

There certainly are!

Reliability :

Thanks to the permanent maintenance of the internal cleanliness of the engine, parts such as valve seats, injector heads, ring elasticity, particulate filters, catalytic converter, EGR valve, exhaust line… regain their youthfulness and no longer need to be replaced so quickly!

This is a huge financial saving by avoiding the unnecessary replacement of parts usually at the end of their life and at a prohibitive cost!  A simple example: forget about the cost of changing particle filters!


Can I drive longer with my vehicle ?


Thanks to a thorough cleaning that gives the engine a second youthfulness, the change of vehicle can be serenely postponed. 

An excellent way to make your investment pay off better and over a longer period of time with complete peace of mind…


What are the dimensions of the TECH'NC ON BOARD ?

It is composed of two box supports. They are separated in order to be able to modulate the space available to fix them.

The first support contains the distilled water tank.  It is 115 mm deep, 350 mm wide and 460 mm high.

The second contains the hydrogen production cell.  It is 175 mm deep, 370 mm wide and 570 mm high.

Is the TECH'NC ON BOARD authorized by the manufacturers ?

There is no reason to ban it.

It is a non-intrusive accessory to the engine and does not modify the original manufacturer’s parameters in any way.

How and why is hydrogen permanently beneficial on my vehicle ?

There are 2 major advantages to using hydrogen while driving:

  1. Because of its high flammability, more explosive and at higher temperatures, hydrogen allows a more complete combustion, which reduces unburned gases and therefore fuel consumption. It burns more “fine particles” and other harmful gases at different engine speeds.  You drive cleaner … 
  2. Hydrogen has a cleaning effect by burning at a very high temperature (2600°C) but in a very short time. This explosion pyrolyses the scale particles and removes them from rings, piston heads, valve seats and other injector heads. The action thus acts on all exhaust pipes. It cleans catalysts, PAFs (particulate filters), EGR valves or simple exhaust pipes. The engine is therefore kept clean and is therefore twice as clean as before.

The engine is therefore kept clean and is therefore twice as clean as before.


Are there any negative effects of hydrogen ?

Wet hydrogen gas can cause premature corrosion of the elements concerned and the carbon particles discharged can agglomerate with the water particles and create a sludge that clogs the particle filter.

Our products are equipped with a double gas purification system to totally avoid this risk.

If hydrogen production continues with the engine stopped, its accumulation could produce a very limited mini explosion in the air intake ducts.

This is why we have safety devices and electronic management capable of stopping all hydrogen production as soon as the engine stops.

TECH’NC is therefore totally safe!

Can TECH'NC ON BOARD work on any engine, whatever its fuel or size ?


And the higher the fuel consumption and the higher the mileage, the more profitable the investment will be.

Is the TECH'NC ON BOARD covered by a warranty ?

Yes, the TECH’NC ON BOARD is guaranteed for all damages incurred to the installation itself, to the engine and even vis-à-vis any third party at a rate of 1.5 million € per possible claim. There is therefore no financial risk towards the Tech.


Is TECH'NC PRO effective for both diesel and petrol engines ?


It is effective for all so-called “thermal” engines (with explosions).

Is it compulsory to change the oil after a treatment ?

No, oil change is not essential.

One of the major effects is the descaling of the rings, which gives them back their original elasticity and therefore a better seal.

There is therefore less residue converging in the oil. However, an oil change is always welcome…

Is there a need for preventive treatment ?

All vehicles making only short journeys, such as in the city for example, get dirty prematurely.

It is therefore strongly recommended to treat them preventively once a year or every 30,000 kilometres or so.

Does the TECH'NC PRO store hydrogen and is there a risk of explosion ?


The TECH’NC PRO produces hydrogen on demand and every second at a rate of 100 to 1,700 litres/hour depending on the capacity of the engines being treated.

That’s just what is needed, at the moment, while the engine is running.

In addition, safety devices immediately stop hydrogen production in the event of engine shutdown, pressure or other abnormal temperatures.

Since hydrogen is neither stored nor accumulated, there is absolutely no risk!

Is the TECH'NC PRO mobile and what does it need to operate ?

Yes, it is mobile because it is mounted on wheels and is therefore easily transportable.

It connects to normal current (220V).

It has 3 distinct reservoirs:

  • one, internal, for distilled water,
  • two external bubblers, called bubblers, containing water and a little bit of Diesel respectively


Is the TECH'NC PRO autonomous ?

Yes, because it is equipped with adapted safety devices.

Once installed and the program initiated, it operates without any external intervention.

The duration of the intervention is programmed according to the vehicle to be treated as well as its degree of soiling.

Knowing the duration of the treatment, the operator can then go on to other operations during this time.


Why choose TECH'NC ?

The principle is known but its application is much more complex.

Many attempts have been made in recent years with machines often manufactured at lower cost in China and sold at a golden price while offering results that unfortunately only exist on paper.

There are two main problems for designers: performance and quality.

Efficiency means supplying a sufficient quantity of hydrogen to ensure optimal combustion throughout the pyrolysis process.

In other words, enough and long enough …

Quality is the control of the degree of hygrometry of the hydrogen which guarantees the longevity of the treatment for the engine.

In other words, neither too wet nor too dry …

And it is here that the genius and experience acquired at the highest level of Formula 1 competition by the motorist Bruno Fochesato and the driver Eric van De Poele have made it possible to innovate and solve these two aspects.

The uniquely designed power module provides a performance that is unmatched to this day! 

In addition, the gas produced is dried by 2 different processes which guarantees the reliability of the treated engine. 

The result of five years of research and development pushed to the extreme, many safety devices are in place via engine vibration sensors, overpressure sensors, temperature sensors, overvoltage circuit breakers, etc…

TECH’NC can treat all engines from 500cc to 20.000 cc and of any type of use (truck, car, boat, generator, motorcycle, agricultural machinery, military vehicle, etc…).

Thanks to the use of this new patented technology, TECH’NC is the only interlocutor present on the market that meets all these criteria!