Who are we ?

Tech’NC is an automotive engineering startup created by two enthusiasts: driver Eric van de Poele and engine engineer Bruno Fochesato.

They meet for the first time on the circuits within the prestigious Formula 1 Ferrari and Lamborghini teams. Both are driven by this incredible competitive spirit at the highest level, where every little detail counts and makes the difference. Because a driver also knows his engine perfectly, they complement each other perfectly and share, in addition to the same demand for excellence, the same human values.

One idea brings them together: for these two engine professionals, hydrogen is the real future! But then it is a very distant goal, too distant… Their past life on the circuits has taught them one essential thing: pragmatism… Thinking about the future is good but we must come up with solutions that can be applied right now!! We must find THE link between tomorrow’s technologies and today’s car fleet.

These two competitors decide to take up an impossible challenge that they translate into one sentence: “find the present of the future …”. In 2015, they decided to create Tech’NC together and embarked on an R&D phase that would last 5 long years.

The fruit of their very long careers at the highest level of competition, the sum of their combined expertise results in an unrivalled know-how in the field of motorization. It is this unique know-how that is now giving rise to a new cutting-edge technology with surprising results: transforming rainwater into hydrogen to improve engine operation.

But a discovery, however beautiful it may be, is nothing if it doesn’t meet its public… And there again, the two team members have transposed into TECH’NC this team DNA that they have in common and which is deeply rooted in their experience of Formula 1 circuits! Discretion and a real team spirit which is still perfectly reflected in the last interview with the CEO:

“Bruno Fochesato and I both have a background in motor racing at the highest level: Formula 1.

We pursue our objectives as we have always done in our business, i.e. failure is unbearable for us but only strengthens our skills.

Work and perseverance are assets that have nourished us during our respective careers, throughout more than thirty years in motor racing. But we are lucid and, far from being competitive in all areas, we had to, like hydrogen which increases the performance of an engine, complete the company for optimal operation.

Thank you, therefore, to Bruno Arnould for his confidence, his financial and administrative skills, but above all for his indispensable advice.

Thanks also to Jan Verbruggen, the first to believe in the project.

And more in the shadows, thanks to Deborah Simar for this beautiful translation, through this website, our mixture of sometimes surprising ideas and our often incomprehensible technical explanations. The result far exceeds our expectations!

“”It’s not only the pilot who wins … It’s all together that we cross the finish line ! “

The team

van de Poele