Why opt for the hydrogen treatment of TECH’NC PRO ?

Cleaning the inside of an engine without having to dismantle it allows you to save enormous amounts of time, labour and money, all without altering the manufacturer’s warranty !

This requires increasing the internal combustion temperature to provoke a pyrolysis effect that eliminates all accumulated residues.

Numerous attempts have been made in recent years with machines that promise results that unfortunately only exist on paper.

There are two main problems for designers: efficiency and quality.

Efficiency means supplying a sufficient quantity of hydrogen to ensure optimal combustion throughout the pyrolysis process.

Quality is the control of the degree of hygrometry of the hydrogen which guarantees the longevity of the treatment for the engine.

And this is where engineering adds to the experience gained at the highest level of Formula 1 competition to innovate and solve these two aspects.

TECH’NC PRO is the only solution that can treat engines from 500cc to 20,000cc and all types of uses (heavy goods vehicles, cars, boats, generators, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, military machinery, public works machinery…).

Advantages of hydrogen treatment


Quieter engine


Flexibility, torque and power return to original levels


Excessive smoke totally reduced or even eliminated


Engine misfire suppression


Reduced fuel consumption due to restored torque


Less pollution

Treat your engine by appointment ?

It’s already possible !

We can treat your engine:

  • in your workshop,
  • in our workshop,
  • at one of our authorized partners.

The downtime for your vehicle will vary between 1 and 2 hours.

Have your engine analysed ?

It’s possible !

All garages equipped with diagnostic devices are able to measure the degree of clogging of your Particle Filter and carry out a pollution test.

With our treatment, an engine will be completely depolluted and will again meet the original manufacturer’s standards.